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Hearing Aids and the Apple Watch


Originally designed for the iPhone, Starkey’s Halo hearing aids are also now compatible with the Apple Watch. The Watch gives access to numerous functions and also includes GPS features. The Watch uses geotagged memories to switch hearing aid modes automatically when the GPS detects that the hearing aid user is in a tagged location. If you arrive home, the Apple Watch will automatically switch your hearing aid to home mode.

Users can fine-tune sounds and adjust sound quality of their Halo hearing aids with the TruLink Hearing Control app. You can block out background noise and improve sound quality and also stream music and phone calls on your hearing aid.

Another great feature of the TruLink Hearing Control App is “Find my hearing aids.” This feature allows you to find your hearing aid with the most recent location and time automatically saved in the Apple Watch.

Hearing aid control using the Apple Watch is still new and introduction to more features and improvements in existing settings are undoubtedly going to take place over time. Hearing aid users will enjoy more control on their device and this will hopefully encourage more hearing impaired who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid, to start using one.