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Experiencing Ringing In The Ears? We Have Your Relief!

Persistent ringing (or other phantom sounds) in the ears is a condition called tinnitus that actually affects an estimated 50 million Americans, according to the American Tinnitus Association. This condition is caused by extensive damage to the inner ear hair cell nerves . It is commonly a result of overexposure to loud noises or from side effects from medicinal treatments.  

For some it may sound like crickets, static, or clicking. Ringing is the most common description, so we will refer to it here as ringing for the sake of simplicity.

For 95-97%of the people who experience tinnitus, they may notice it now and then, but their tinnitus does not cause stress, anxiety, or depression, or cause them to lose sleep. Instead, they relegate tinnitus to the background, and they habituate to it without very much effort and without discomfort. But for many, this ‘ringing in the ears’ can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with on a daily basis.

What is the tinnitus masker?

Finally, a device designed to offer lasting relief for those with ringing in their ears. The tinnitus device is small and comfortable to wear. It works by creating a sound stimulus to soothe the irritating ringing sounds tinnitus sufferers hear.

What are the Therapy benefits?

The first step is assessing your tinnitus. This begins with a comprehensive tinnitus and hearing evaluation administered by a provider specially training in tinnitus treatment. We will try to match the pitch and loudness of your tinnitus sound and determine if there is also hearing loss present. Once we have a complete clinical picture we can work together to develop a successful treatment plan.


Dr Ericka DeVore

As a fellow sufferer of tinnitus and having treated many patients, I am amazed how well this technology works and what a difference it has made in the lives of my patients!

Before I demonstrate it in the office – most seem skeptical, but they leave with a big smile of relief that finally someone has a real solution that works. Studies show 80% of patients with tinnitus experience some relief with intervention from hearing aids and/or tinnitus masking devices.

Alternative Treatments for Tinnitus

  • CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Some studies found that cognitive behavioral therapy is the most evidence-based treatment option with regard to managing the tinnitus patient. The authors note severe tinnitus distress may come from negative emotional reactivity.

CBT often fosters an improved patient response to their tinnitus in tandem
with their perception of tinnitus becoming less handicapping and more manageable.
Often, CBT programs are offered in tandem with psychologists, and may run 8 to 12 weeks. CBT may include yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, and more to increase calmness.

Free Download: CBT Tinnitus Workbook

There are three basic ways to manage reactions to tinnitus: (1) education and counseling; (2) using sound; and (3) changing thoughts and feelings. These are things that you can do on your own if you know what to do. You can learn what to do by reading this workbook.

Good Read

The book, Tinnitus: A Self Management Guide for the Ringing in Your Ears, has been available for over 20 years and covers CBT in detail and how to self-manage tinnitus using the CBT techniques.

Hearing Evaluation/Testing

The first step on your journey to better hearing is a comprehensive assessment of your ears and hearing.

Hearing Aid Repair

We work with all the major hearing aid brands and can service, repair, and re-tune your existing devices.

Tinnitus Treatment

Do you have ringing in the ears? Our trained specialists can help you with answers and solutions.