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Research-proven, top rated hearing aid brands

When selecting hearing aid brands, we take several factors into account. We look for high quality and reliability in their products, as well as the level of service, customer support, and technological elegance they offer. We also prioritize brands that offer easy-to-use features for consumers. Ultimately, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible hearing aid solutions available on the market.

Choose the hearing aid that’s right for you.

We recommend hearing aid brands based on our client’s personal needs and preferences to guarantee their total satisfaction.

Most of the well-known hearing centers and chain stores that sell hearing aids are actually owned by a hearing aid manufacturer.

William Demant

Brand: Oticon
  • Hearing Life
  • Avada
  • AccuQuest


Brands: Phonak, Unitron
  • Connect Hearing


Brands: Signia, Rexton, Widex
  • Miracle Ear
  • Hear USA
  • Amplifon

GN Resound

Brand: Resound, Interton, Beltone
  • Beltone


Brands: Starkey, Nu Ear, Micro-Tech
  • All American Hearing
  • Audibel

Why Choose Us

We are independent from any hearing aid manufacturer

We choose manufacturers that provide the most reliable hearing aid solutions with high-level research and development

Hearing Aid Brands

Signia Hearing Aids
Phonak hearing aids
Oticon Hearing Aids
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How to Choose

  • Price: A person should consider whether the price of their hearing aid suits their budget, as some models can be very expensive. A person may also wish to consider if they will have to pay for new batteries or if a rechargeable model would save them money long-term.
  • Additional features: Some people may prefer a very simple hearing aid. Some hearing aids come with features such as connected mobile phone apps, Bluetooth connectivity, and high levels of customization, which may require users to be comfortable using technology.
  • Style and color: Hearing aids come in many different styles. The most common styles are in-the-ear, in-the-canal, behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal (RIC). Some brands also offer a wide range of colors, while others offer more limited color ranges. A person may wish to consider how the hearing aid will look against their skin tone and which style will be most comfortable for them.
  • Healthcare provider advice: Before choosing a hearing aid, a person should consider discussing their hearing aid choice with a doctor of Audiology to ensure it will suit their needs and level of hearing loss.

Phonak- Swiss Technology

Phonak is a Swiss-based company that falls under the umbrella of Sonova. They were founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1947, making them one of the oldest and largest hearing aid brands on the market today.  Most US schools use Phonak products for hearing impaired children. Currently, Sonova accounts for 31% of the hearing aid market in sales.  

What Makes Them Great

Phonak’s philosophy is that hearing aids should not require constant user adjustment. Their feature AutoSense OS has been trained with artificial intelligence-based machine learning to accurately identify a sound environment. It tailors the numerous comfort and speech understanding features to adapt to the listener’s sound environment, so that the hearing aids adjust more automatically.  They also specialize in optimizing speech in noisy environments, and boast the largest lineup of hearing accessories (remote microphones, remote controls, TV adapters) amongst the major brands.

Phonak also has the widest compatibility in terms of Bluetooth connectivity through the use of Bluetooth Classic.  This means their hearing aids can stream audio from up to 6 or 7 standard Bluetooth connected devices (tablets, laptops, flip phones, smart phones). They can switch between multiple connected Bluetooth devices (like two different phones or a tablet and a phone both connected at the same time).

  • Most automatic operation.
  • Bluetooth ability to hear calls on even basic (not smart) cell phones.
  • Top rated, fully featured app for smart phone users.
  • Waterproof hearing aid options.
  • Most options for accessories (remote microphones, etc.)
  • Custom in the ear aids have limited controls.
  • No rechargeable in the ear options.
  • Too many extra options in the app.
  • App less user friendly than some.

Oticon- Brain Hearing Technology

Oticon is a Danish company that has been around 120 years, since 1904!  Their motto is “People First”.  They are one of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers today and the second largest, accounting for 30% of the hearing aid market.

What Makes Them Great

Oticon is a company that specializes in hearing aid technology, including their BrainHearing™ technology. BrainHearing™ is designed to provide a more natural listening experience by considering how the brain processes sound. It takes into account factors such as noise reduction, speech understanding, and spatial awareness.

  • Great for those that hear, but don't understand.
  • Best reliability (in our opinion).
  • Rechargeable batteries replaceable in the office.
  • Industry leading sound quality.
  • Custom in the ear aids have limited controls.
  • No rechargeable in the ear options.
  • App reliability less than ideal.
  • App lacks some features to adjust the aids in noise.

Hearing Evaluation/Testing

The first step on your journey to better hearing is a comprehensive assessment of your ears and hearing.

Hearing Aid Repair

We work with all the major hearing aid brands and can service, repair, and re-tune your existing devices.

Tinnitus Treatment

Do you have ringing in the ears? Our trained specialists can help you with answers and solutions.