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Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids - All About Hearing/Lake Audiology
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Tips for Selecting Hearing Aids

Whether you are just newly diagnosed with hearing loss or you are looking for an upgrade, there are a lot of hearing aid options out there. Shifting through web searches can be confusing and exhausting. How do you ensure that you find the best hearing aids for you? Well, there are certain factors that can make this process much clearer.


Assessment of hearing needs

The first step is to get a hearing test. Even if you’ve had one before, this is important because your hearing loss always has the possibility of becoming more severe as it progresses over time. A hearing exam can help you know exactly what your hearing ability is and make sure you find the appropriate hearing aids for you. Everyone’s hearing loss is just a little different but understanding yours allows your hearing healthcare professional to program your hearing aids specifically for you. Your hearing healthcare specialist will also be able to tell you which hearing aids will be appropriate as some models are dependent on the severity of hearing. Often smaller discrete models don’t have enough power for those with a more severe case of hearing loss.


What are your lifestyle needs?

Another factor to take into account when picking out your hearing aids is your lifestyle. Today’s hearing aids have many features to make your life easier. If you find yourself outside often for work and for hobbies, then a water resistant model equipped with wind suppression can help you secede in your day to day routine. Of course, it’s important to understand that different features come at increased price points so if you are not outside that often this may not be worth the investment. Another feature for more active people who find themselves in crowded environments is background noise suppression, making it easier to hear and converse. For those who enjoy television and music, there are features which allow you to wirelessly stream audio from media sources such as your TV and stereo and Smartphone. Strides in hearing aid technology are occurring faster and faster, so to find out what features are available to you, be sure to contact us, for the latest developments.


What are your personal preferences?

Everyone one wants something slightly different from their listening experience. Some may not want their hearing aids to be noticeable, favoring smaller and more discrete models. Others may see their hearing aids as a chance to amplify their fashion as well as their hearing. Today, hearing aids come in an assortment of colors and styles so you can add a personal flare to your overall look. Some of the larger models deliver more power and features while smaller models may be nearly undetectable to those around you.


Have you worn hearing aids before?

If you’ve ever worn hearing aids before you have a very nice advantage. You know what you’ve enjoyed in the past and what you wished would have been enhanced. Asking yourself important questions, such as “did you enjoy the sound quality of your last hearing aids” or “What do you wish was present in your last hearing aids” can help set you in the right direction.0:59


Adjusting to hearing aids

Once you have selected your hearing aids it takes some time for you and your brain to get used to hearing with the enhanced ability. If you are a new hearing aid user with long time hearing loss, even the sound of your own voice may seem strange at first. Forgotten sounds such as the chirping of birds or a gentle whisper may take time to get used to. Your brain essentially has to relearn to hear these sounds again and this process is often frustrating enough for many to give up before they start to experience the benefits. Whether you have selected a basic model of hearing aid, or an enhanced model with all the latest features, getting used to them takes time. Make sure to give yourself the time to adjust so you have a chance to reap all the benefits hearing aids have to offer. 


As Individual as You

Everyone’s hearing needs are just a little different. Make a list of your questions and hearing goals so you can be sure to choose the best hearing aids for you when it’s time for you to decide on your new pair.