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Why Do Hearing Aids Whistle?

Why do I sometimes hear a noise like a beep from my hearing aid, and then it stops working?

If it is a modern digital aid, then it is likely to be the hearing aid warning you that the battery is about to run out.

Why does my hearing aid make a noise like whistling when I hold it in my hand or put it up to my ear?

This is normal and is called feedback. The amplified sound from the hearing aid has been picked up by the microphone and has been amplified again and again – the hearing aid cannot deal with this and starts to whistle.

The whistle should stop when the aid is correctly inserted into your ear.

You can stop this by not turning on the aid until it is in your ear, or at least turning down the volume if your hearing aid has a volume control.

In some hearing aids it may be possible for your Audiologist to delay the aid switching on by several seconds. Ask your specialist if your aid has this facility.

Why does my hearing aid whistle all the time when it is in my ear?

Several things can cause this:

  • The hearing aid is not fitted correctly
  • There is a blockage of wax in your ear
  • There is a fault with the hearing aid or ear piece.

Whatever your problem please seek advice from your Audiologist.