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Navigating Hearing Loss During Holiday Gatherings

Thanksgiving is More Than Just a Feast


  • Talk to your host. Let them know about your hearing loss and ask if there are any accommodations they can make. For example, they can turn down the music or choose a quieter location for gatherings.

  • Find the Right Spot: Choose a seat at the dinner table away from the kitchen or other noisy areas. Sitting with your back against a wall can help reduce background noise.

  • Face-to-Face Conversations: Engage in conversations where you can see faces clearly. Lip-reading and facial expressions are valuable cues that aid in understanding speech.

  • Take Breaks: It’s okay to step away for a quiet moment if the noise becomes too much. Short breaks can help reduce auditory fatigue.

  • Communication is Key: Gently remind friends and family about your hearing needs. Most people are happy to accommodate once they understand your perspective.

  • Use Modern Technology: If you use hearing aids, ensure they are adjusted for noisy environments. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help with this.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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